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Why you should get married on the South Coast

We may be biased, but we’re pretty sure that there is no better place to get married than the South Coast of NSW.

This beautiful place, where we have carved out our own little slice of paradise, has so much to offer, and the best bit? It is only really just being discovered.

Sam Walklate

The location itself is stunning. Wide, white sand beaches (without the crowds), rolling green hinterland hills with dusty golden sunsets scattered over the Budawang ranges, deep and dense gumtree forests whose voices speak to us of stories long past and a resilience that comes with age and experience.

Samuel White

This is where the country meets the coast; with mountains, valleys, lakes and forests all thrown in for good measure. Here on the South Coast, you can get married barefoot at sunrise on an empty beach before dancing the night away on a stunning rural property. There are luxury coastal and country accommodation options, luxe wedding packages and top tier creative minds ready to take your wedding to the next level.

GCC Visuals

Whether you have dreamed of your wedding day since you were small, or if you are looking for a casual and relaxed, stress free celebration with friends and family, the South Coast has the means to cater for you. There is such a broad range of options here that the location, style and manner of your wedding can quite literally take any shape you please.

Heart and The Sea

And what’s better than the place, is the people who make the South Coast Wedding Industry what it is. They are hard-working, flexible and helpful. They’ll go above and beyond to make sure that whatever you create is done so with love and with you at its centre.

David Campbell Imagery

These people aren’t competitors, they’re in support of one another. Because when one of us books another wedding on the South Coast, it means that everyone in the community will benefit from it. And if someone is in a pinch, and the tablecloths don’t fit, or they find that they’re short on chairs, or any other of a hundred little things that may occur come to pass, they can rest easy because we promise someone in the community will be there to help, making sure the day goes off without a hitch.

Matt Ashton Photography

So if all that we have convinced you of here is the need to see this place for yourselves, then make a weekend of it and come down to visit its cafes, shops, accommodation, beaches, forests, countryside and most importantly, its people.

We promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Anthony Patruno


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