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Our Fairytale

We always dreamed of a piece of land in the country near the coast. We always imagined that we’d be driving down a dirt road, somewhere in Australia and find our own little slice of paradise. But we never could have foreseen what we would find here at 

The Barn On The Ridge. 

We happened across this Milton wedding venue for sale while driving out to hike Pigeon House Mountain for the first time. Fortunately, the four of us, a brother and sister and their North American imports, were ready for a change from the hustle and bustle of Sydney and were all equally in love with the South Coast.


We could see the potential that the property held from the very beginning and we could also see that only together did we have the necessary skills to make it work.

Together we took a chance on a dream and a lifestyle down south. To say that we have been welcomed warmly by this wonderful community would be an understatement, and the support that has been given and received through the fires and the floods is beyond words.

It was a u-turn and a chance encounter which brought us to this little slice of paradise, but we’ve known ever since that there was something like divine intervention that day.

We're still pinching ourselves.


Mack & Laura

This Canadian/Aussie duo make up one half of our team here at The Barn On The Ridge.  They met by chance encounter in Canada and chased each other around the world before finally choosing to spend the rest of their days side by side.


Historically, these two have been mostly 'elsewhere', doing their bit from across the globe. But recently they tagged in as venue managers and are your main point of contact for all things weddings and events! 

They also had their own wedding here at The Barn last year, and can't wait to help you bring your wedding dreams to life!

Brad and Mindy

Brad & Mindy

This beautiful Aussie/American duo (+ their two gorgeous pups Betty & Ruby) complete our team.


Their journey began in the hustle and bustle of Sydney, but they fell in love with the South Coast and have always yearned for wide open spaces. 

Having spent the past few years living their dream farm life here at The Barn, helping our beautiful couples navigate their wedding day, their desire to get out and see more of Australia beckoned.

They've ventured out on the open road with their caravan, so be sure to say hi if you come across them around this beautiful country of ours!

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