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Wedding Coordinator Yay or Nay?

Creative Control

A do it yourself, or ‘DIY’ wedding is a licence in creative control.

No longer will you be forced to fit within a set of exorbitantly priced packages encompassing everything from the colour of your tablecloths to the shape of your plates. Neither will you be forced into using a wedding supplier that you don’t necessarily love, just because they happen to have an arrangement with your chosen venue.

The Wedding & Event Creators

Freedom to Choose

Instead, you will have the freedom to choose your favourite option when it comes to every little wedding detail. This means celebrant, photographer, food, furniture, bar stock and service, music, styling and schedule. The list of variables that make a wedding run smoothly is long. And while all of the South Coast wedding vendors that we recommend on our website are pros who know how to do their bit (plus a little extra), there is still a lot to coordinate both in the leadup to your wedding and throughout the weekend.

Hoorah Events

Consider hiring a professional

While it is possible to fill the roles of bride/groom AND wedding coordinator (espeically when you engage the wonderful helping hands of family and friends) when planning your special day, we really do think you should consider investing in the services of a professional such as The Wedding & Event Creators, Hoorah Events, Jordan Weaver Events or any other of our favourite South Coast Vendors.

Here's why:

Most of us only plan one wedding and no matter how many times we comb through the details or look over the run sheet, inevitably there will be small details that we miss.

The South Coast wedding planners that we work with have literally planned and excecuted HUNDREDS of weddings. They make it their business to know all of the little details that make a great wedding tick and offer services from partial or full wedding planning, along with on-the-day set up and coordination AND clean up packages!

Jordan Weaver Events

Not Just Coordination

But that’s not all. Each of these South Coast wedding planners are creative GENIUSES. They possess a beautiful vision for styling and offer a huge range of incredible decor items for hire as part of their services. If they dont have them in their own inventory, they know exactly where to source all of the little bits and bobs to bring your vision to life. They offer everything from consultation advice to complete hire, delivery, setup and styling services, customised to suit your needs.

The Wedding & Event Creators

We think its safe to say that not one person out there wishes to feel stressed, overwhelmed or anxious before or during this once in a lifetime celebration. We can guarantee that you want to be present, living each moment that passes and engaging with loved ones who have come from near and far to celebrate the beautiful love you share with your special person.

Lastly, we believe that you want to look back on your wedding holding fond and beautiful memories of the love that was created, captured and celebrated that day. Of all the choices that you have in planning your wedding, we believe that the choice to engage a wedding coordinator to ensure that your big day goes off beautiful and seamlessly is one you won’t regret.

Hoorah Events

What Their Clients Said

The Wedding & Event Creators


If you are in between deciding to have a wedding coordinator or or not please take this as a sign that you most definitely need one.

I was determined I was going to manage it myself and decided at short notice that I needed a hand!

Vanessa has the patience of a saint. She is so efficient in coordinating your hire items and ensures you're on track with the plans for the big day, if it wasn't for Vanessa I would have been writing my run sheet the night before!

Our wedding day coordinator was the beautiful Jade. Jade is made for this! She cross checked all my items before the day and made very helpful suggestions and last minute things I hadn't spotted myself. On the day I swear she did the job of 5 different people in one. She made the day the success it was and I am so so grateful. Thank you Jade, everyone adored you!

And lastly the delivery and set up team were awesome! So friendly and got the job done so easily.

All in all - Legends"

Hoorah Events

"Hoorah Events are simply amazing! We had to style our wedding on a tight budget and Monica went out of her way to make it look incredible. She brings your ideas to life, better than you can imagine and used a lot of sustainable materials which we really appreciated. We felt like family, the way she and Chelsea looked after us.

They also co-ordinated our day which took a lot of stress away in the lead up and especially on the day, as they had to deal with multiple suppliers. As a guest noted "Monica was everywhere and nowhere at once" as she was across every single thing and managed people beautifully without them even noticing. Quite a few people mentioned they had never experienced an event running so smoothly.

They are very thoughtful, kind, experienced and generally go out of their way to make it the best day ever."

Jordan Weaver Events

"Jordan was the reason our day was so effortlessly seamless in every way possible.

No matter how big or small the request was, Jordan was there and eager to help out. I was able to enjoy my wedding day without a worry while she took care of everything else. I would absolutely recommend Jordan to anyone contemplating working with a wedding planner, she seriously removed every bit of stress throughout the process!"

Be sure to over and browse through our ever growing list of South Coast Wedding Vendors to find the ones YOU love <3


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